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Our Customer's Results

As a disabled veteran with limited mobility, I found these exercises extremely useful in regaining strength and stamina. Within a few weeks I was able to move on to the standing DVD which helped to correct my gait disturbance. These videos were a life changer for me!

Online Customer

This Program has helped countless senior citizens and handicapped individuals have the ability to participate in some form of mental and physical exercise. It has helped me become more limber and regulate my breathing. My stress level goes down when I use the techniques and exercises on the video. Highly recommended for anyone of any age. Tommy makes it so easy for someone to take time to heal their body and become much more flexible when using his program.

Martine Jaramillo

I'm an invalid and needed something to keep me from vegetating. This sitting tai chi type exercise system was the ticket. It was very nicely presented and easily followed.


First day of use, I felt like I could finally do an exercise video. I was able to go to the end doing all of the steps. Feel better, stretched and relaxed already.

Linda Carter

Perfect for someone who can't stand or stand for too long!!

Book lover

Excellent DVD! My mom has mild dementia and is 91yo with mobility issues and she is able to follow the instruction well. It is the slower pace and simple and clear guidance during the DVD that is so helpful. Thank you for making this DVD.

CRM, Nurse Practitioner

This is a wonderful healing exercise. Very easy, which I was looking for. I've had several falls and find movement can be hard for me, but I found this DVD exercise practices were just what I needed! Thank you. 


This not only gives a very easy tai-chi exercise but also teaches breathing exercises. I thought that after having recent back surgery I might not be able to complete the whole exercise routine but I was able to do so easily. It absolutely relaxed me each time I did it. I would recommend the DVD very highly.

Jane H. McGarity

DVD is excellent for disabled persons.

Craft Maniac

Helps with the arthritis!

Giovanna Giovannoni

I liked the first DVD of theirs so much I bought this one. I like their clean, uncluttered presentation.

Online Buyer

Perfect for the whole house!

Online Customer

I rarely write reviews and must be extremely motivated to do so. This one is worthy of my time and effort and I believe will be worthy of yours.I got this for my wife who is always well- intentioned but physically limited. Of all the things she has available to her, including a pool membership for water exercise, and countless dvds of all kinds including ballet, essentrics, other tai chi and chi kung, lotte berk ( and I could go on and on), this is the one she loves and does faithfully because of the desire to do it. Some reviews may say it seems "too slow" or basic but the beauty is in it being completely able to be done, no matter how someone feels that day. And Tommy's instructions are so excellent- the best I have ever seen. He seems to have a skill in instructing others very precisely and simply. She can even do it with her eyes closed, just by having been able to follow his lead visually for a few sessions and listening to his verbal cues. If you want something that will get the job done, this is it. We just bought the standing version with hopes that she can progress but we know we can always return to the seated exercises whenever she needs them.

Anthony G

This is real chair tai chi with tons of benefits. My husband is partially paralyzed and i've been very sick for 2 years and it's just what we needed. Let yourself settle in and do the breathing the right way.

M. Jones

So serene yet empowering. After I completed the program...I felt renewed and refreshed as if I had escaped to a nice place.


use this cd every morning i have MS so this helps a lot thanks

Sonja Hughes

My wife asked me to get this for her. She is in her upper sixties and has had some off and on lower back problems. A few months ago the back problems grew worse and she was becoming quite miserable. It has been less than a week and she has been playing the video in the morning when she first gets up. My wife has become almost a cult follower, she tells me she is totally painless now. I don't know if she is blowing smoke, but she sure seems to move around the house like nothing is bothering her.

Tony Shaus

I truly enjoy this DVD. It is very relaxing and at the same time.e makes me work. He is not an actor but gets down to business and works.

Online Buyer

The Tai Chi CD has been excellent, We are in our 80's and the benefits of this Video, was noted by my sister in Manchester NH---we sent her an order for the CD from Florida. She is in a nursing home, and will appreciate the benefits of this Video. We have been using our CD on a regular basis. A neighbor of ours has showed interest in buying one also. Thank you;

Ed, Doris, and Lorraine

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