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Sitting | Standing | Stepping Tai Chi - Exercises for Seniors and Older Adults to substantially improve health and mobility. They also help to boost energy, balance, vitality, and calmness.

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    Healing Exercise Sitting Tai Chi, the Best at Home Chair Exercises For Seniors and Older Adults - Tai Chi Moves to Help Heal Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Joint Pain, Chronic Stress, All at Home From the Comfort of Your Own Chair.


    Healing Exercise Standing Tai Chi For Beginners and Those Seeking to Learn Basic Tai Chi Exercises - Through Natural Movements, Increase Coordination & Balance To Heal and Transform the Body


    A Revolutionary Approach to Re-learning balance and stepping. Posture, balance recovery, and unique stepping drills make this a one-of-a-kind mobility tool. You cannot find this invaluable information anywhere else !!

  • Tai chi for arthritis


    “I can’t recommend this enough. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and this has helped in so many ways.”

    – June McLaughlin

  • Tai chi for back pain

    Back Pain

    “My wife’s back problems were growing worse. In less than a week using this DVD she tells me she is totally painless now.” 

    – Tony Schaus

  • Tai chi for COPD


    “I have arthritis, COPD and other ailments. I am doing this every day. Definitely helps! It is worth the money” 

    – Brian Stimson

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  • Tai chi for fibromyalgia


    “I’m loving the program. It helps moving my muscles in ways that don’t aggravate my fibromyalgia.“

    – Julia Griffith

  • Tai chi for parkinson


    “Perfect for my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease.“

    – Maria Elana

  • Balance exercise

    Poor Balance

    “For the first time in weeks, I can stand upright and walk straight. I absolutely love this tape.“

    – Mawmaw

  • Tai chi for Stroke


    “I’m 81 and had a stroke nearly 3 years ago. Really enjoying this and want to keep improving!”

    – Jane Worrel

  • Heart Disease

    “This DVD has helped with my rehab from a heart condition. Encouraged by my physio to use this.“

    – Michelle Snoxell

  • Tai chi DVD for seniors

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