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Meet our team

Tommy Kirchhoff

Certified Tai Chi Master

Melissa Kirchhoff


Victor Fu Sheng Long

Chinese Martial Arts Grandmaster

Tommy Kirchhoff

Tommy Kirchhoff is a certified kung fu master and the general manager of Healing Exercise. He is married to Melissa.

Senior student of Grandmaster Victor Fu.

2012: Appeared on American Health Journal TV twice

2010: Tommy's abstract "How To Apply Tai Chi To Alpine Skiing" published by University of Salzburg for the International Congress on Science and Skiing (ICSS)

2013, 2016: Published by ICSS twice more.

Melissa Kirchhoff

Melissa Kirchhoff is a highly-decorated, retired U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant (E8) and combat veteran who has been awared the prestigious Air Medal four times. She retired from the military in 2016, and is the owner and CEO of Healing Exercise.

Grandmaster Victor ShengLong Fu

Victor ShengLong Fu is a world-famous grandmaster of the internal martial arts: Tai Chi, BaGua, Hsing-I Wudang Sword, and others. He is the third-generation lineage holder of Fu Style Wudang Chuan, and the backbone of the company.

+ Still travels the world for martial arts seminars

+ 2004, 2005 - Featured in "Inside Kung Fu Magazine."


Healing Exercise is the highest authority of clinically proven therapeutic/medicinal movement. Our gentle, Tai Chi-based physical programs have been refined over three decades. We can deliver these cultivated programs through inexpensive DVD media and live classes. We can provide customizable product packaging, live programs, training and certification of instructors. We also provide expedient turn-around on
high-volume DVD production through large industry partners.

Healing Exercise provides a unique approach to self-care medicinal movement with our innovative approach based on the physicality of the end-users.

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