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Tai Chi Lightning Palm Download

Tai Chi Lightning Palm Download

$ 15.00

This is an intermediate level Tai Chi form comprised of 67 movements and two parts. The Tai Chi section is movements 1-51, training both sides and four directions; the Pa Kua section is movements 52-63, and features Fu Style Pa Kua palm and spring techniques. This form will help you develop good balance, coordination and flexibility.

120 minutes.  Sample Video


Healing Exercise is the highest authority of clinically proven therapeutic/medicinal movement. Our gentle, Tai Chi-based physical programs have been refined over three decades. We can deliver these cultivated programs through inexpensive DVD media and live classes.

We can provide customizable product packaging, live programs, training and certification of instructors. We also provide expedient turn-around on high-volume DVD production through large industry partners.


Clinical studies show general benefits to over 110 health issues! The Healing Exercise Tai Chi chair movements can help with cancer, anxiety, allergies, aches and pain, digestion, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, sexual performance, improving your immune system, and so much more!

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