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Ssu Hsiang - Download 2

Ssu Hsiang - Download 2

$ 15.00

According to the creation theory derived from the I Ching: “Tai Chi gave birth to Liang Yi. Liang Yi gave birth to Ssu Hsiang. Ssu Hsiang gave birth to Pa Kua.”|Created in 1974 by Master Fu’s father, Fu Wing Fay, this is the highest level of Wudang Chuan (internal martial arts). It is a compilation of the major forms in the Fu Style repertoire (Tai Chi, Liang Yi, Hsing Yi, Pa Kua), totaling 108 movements. The nature of Tai Chi si soft and flexible, while Hsing Yi is solid and hard, and finally, Pa Kua is a combination of both aspects. Ssu Hsiang seeks to bring all of these qualities and strengths into a unified whole.
Part 2: Postures 39-108. 120 minutes
VHS or DVD. Sample Video


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