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Gentle Seated Back & Neck Stretching DVD or Digital Version

Gentle Seated Back & Neck Stretching DVD or Digital Version

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You no longer have to pay a chiropractor a small fortune to relieve that nagging neck and back pain you’re experiencing.

Our new Gentle Seated Back & Neck Stretching DVD will teach you short, easy-to-follow breathing techniques and gentle exercises that you can perform in the comfort of a chair to alleviate relentless neck and back pain.

A 2017 National Consumer Reports survey of more than 3,500 adults with back pain confirmed that Tai Chi helps provide relief. Nearly 90 percent of respondents who used Tai Chi for back pain found it helpful. In comparison, only 64 percent of people thought the advice and treatment they got from a primary-care physician or orthopedic surgeon gave them relief.

The American College of Physicians strongly recommends Tai Chi for chronic lower back pain.

Gentle Seated Back & Neck Tai Chi Helps Heal:

  • Herniated discs
  • Muscle strains
  • Neck sprains
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Whiplash
  • Everyday aches & pains 


The exercises in our Gentle Seated Back & Neck Tai Chi DVD require no use of strength, so you won’t feel any of the discomfort commonly caused by the stressful movements of tension-based exercises.

Learn to relax and melt away tension. Relaxation allows you to gently stretch locked muscles. When muscles unlock and stretch, your range of motion increases in stiff joints, especially around the hips and lower back. Mobility and movement start to dissolve aches and pains. The body heals through movement as stimulation and circulation deliver oxygen to neglected parts.

Discover the simple breathing techniques and gentle exercises that thousands of seniors are using to relieve their stubborn neck and back pain.

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Gentle seated back and neck stretchng DVD
Back andNeck exercises


Healing Exercise is the highest authority of clinically proven therapeutic/medicinal movement. Our gentle, Tai Chi-based physical programs have been refined over three decades. We can deliver these cultivated programs through inexpensive DVD media and live classes.

We can provide customizable product packaging, live programs, training and certification of instructors. We also provide expedient turn-around on high-volume DVD production through large industry partners.


Clinical studies show general benefits to over 110 health issues! The Healing Exercise Tai Chi chair movements can help with cancer, anxiety, allergies, aches and pain, digestion, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, improving your immune system, and so much more!

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