But arthritis, chronic pain, COPD, and limited  mobility might seem impossible to heal.

Relief is here

Relaxing Tai Chi exercises are clinically  proven to relieve a long list of health issues.

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  • Tai chi for arthritis


    “I can’t recommend this enough. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and this has helped in so many ways.”

    – June McLaughlin

  • Tai chi for back pain

    Back Pain

    “My wife’s back problems were growing worse. In less than a week using this DVD she tells me she is totally painless now.” 

    – Tony Schaus

  • Tai chi for COPD


    “I have arthritis, COPD and other ailments. I am doing this every day. Definitely helps! It is worth the money” 

    – Brian Stimson

  • Tai chi for fibromyalgia


    “I’m loving the program. It helps moving my muscles in ways that don’t aggravate my fibromyalgia.“

    – Julia Griffith

  • Tai chi for parkinson


    “Perfect for my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease.“

    – Maria Elana

  • Balance exercise

    Poor Balance

    “For the first time in weeks, I can stand upright and walk straight. I absolutely love this tape.“

    – Mawmaw

  • Tai chi for Stroke


    “I’m 81 and had a stroke nearly 3 years ago. Really enjoying this and want to keep improving!”

    – Jane Worrel

  • Heart Disease

    “This DVD has helped with my rehab from a heart condition. Encouraged by my physio to use this.“

    – Michelle Snoxell

Our easy-to-follow online videos are
gentle and enjoyable at-home therapy.

  • Sitting

  • Standing

  • Stepping

The clear instruction and simple movements:

• Relieve pan
• Alleviate stress / promote relaxation
• Increase balance and mobility
• Boost immunity
• Reduce high blood pressure
• Improve breathing function

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  • Revolutionary
  • Packed Full of Value
  • Time Tested and Trusted just for people like you.
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