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Frequently Asked Quesions

Q.) My DVD doesn’t work. I’ve tried it in a couple DVD players.
A.) No problem. It’s rare that someone reports one of our DVDs not working. We send out a replacement right away.

Q.) I'm interested in the Sitting Tai Chi exercises, but as a download and not a DVD. Is this available?
A.) We offer a download version that you can enjoy on many different devices. If you go to our Sitting Tai Chi page you will see a link for the download in blue text. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to download.

Q.) I don’t like using my credit card over the internet. How can I order?
A.) You can call us at 888-278-6028 and we can take your order over the phone.
You can also order by mail. You can send a check to:
Healing Exercise
PO Box 315
Placerville, CO  81430
For just the Sitting Tai Chi DVD, the price is $24.95 including shipping in the U.S.

Q.) Can I make a return if I don’t like the product?
A.) Yes. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee

Q.) I’m hard of hearing. Does the video have captions?
A.) Both our Sitting Tai Chi and Standing Tai Chi videos offer excellent captions with a large font.

Q.) I received my DVD but it doesn’t work in my computer. It wants to know what program to use. Can the DVD be used in a computer?
A.) Our DVDs definitely work in computers. You need a DVD player program on your computer. Window Media Player can work but some computers have issues with it. We recommend that you download VLC Media Player. If you have a Mac, QuickTime is okay but we recommend the Apple DVD player.

Q.) How long does the DVD run?
A.) Both the Sitting and Standing Tai Chi videos are about 51 minutes. We tell people to make it their own by practicing the exercises they like and skipping any exercises they don't like. Most people enjoy the whole DVD; some people say they can't do the whole thing but they enjoy trying to work up to it.

Q.) Could these exercises work well while going through physical therapy?
A.) Our exercise videos are a great complement to physical therapy.
We are hearing more and more frequently that physical therapists use and recommend our DVDs.

Q.) How much is shipping and handling?
A.) $5.00 in the U.S., and about $9.00 in Canada, the U.K. and Australia.

Q.) What is the difference between Tai Chi and Tai Cheng? I have watched their infomercial and it looks great, but now I am confused.
A.) It's most common (in the U.S.) for Tai Chi to refer to a very popular form of Chinese exercise that focuses on relaxation, deep breathing, and proper mobilization of the joints. This kind of exercise is very different from jogging, weight lifting, and the practice of most sports training. Both the name and the practice come from a special Chinese martial art called T'ai Chi Chuan.
Tai Cheng (the infomercial) is a "style" of Tai Chi. The guy's last name is Cheng, so they have changed the name Tai Chi to "Tai Cheng," hoping to differentiate themselves from other products. The Tai Chang products are promoted by big celebrities and millions of dollars in funding.
You do want Tai Chi. It is awesome and will make you feel awesome. With that said, Tai Cheng IS Tai Chi. But our system is much more developed. The first three levels of teachings in our system are arranged by body ability:
Sitting - Standing - Stepping

Very few Tai Chi systems offer a sitting routine. And fewer still offer BaGuaZhang, which is much higher level than Tai Chi. We offer both and many levels in between. So we have "healing exercise" for every physical ability.
Also, our system comes from world-famous Grandmaster Victor Fu. Mr. Cheng's skill level is good, but it cannot be compared to the skill level of Grandmaster Fu.

Q.) I am interested in instructor certification. Please tell me about your program, costs, etc.
A.) We do offer certification but haven't formalized it yet. In the meantime, if you are interested in certification of the Sitting and/or Standing exercises, I recommend buying one or both of those videos from our website and starting on them as a daily practice. You should be able to learn the exercises well within a few weeks of practice.

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