Collection: Sitting, Standing, Stepping Tai Chi DVDs & Downloads

Our first three Tai Chi videos are arranged by physical ability.
We offer DVDs, downloads and online streaming videos.

If you can exercise sitting down, try our Sitting Tai Chi DVD.
If you can exercise standing up, try our Standing Energy Practice DVD.
If you can balance on one leg and climb 2 flights of stairs, try our Golden Form Tai Chi DVD.

Interested in the background of Tai Chi and seeing if it's for you? Try our Intro to Tai Chi digital download.

Below you have the option of ordering a DVD to be shipped or ordering a digital download
and an online stream
of the program, which will be delivered to your computer instantly.
If you have any trouble with the digital products please contact us for support.

Return policy:
We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Shipping policy:
We try to send out orders within one day. Warehouses are closed on weekends.
We ship orders from Minneapolis, London and Sydney, Australia.
The following are the shipping and handling fees in U.S. dollars and delivery time estimates:
U.S. $5.00, 3-4 days
Canada $11.00, 10-14 days
Mexico $13.00, 14-21 days
U.K. $5.00, about 8 days
Europe $5.50, 10 days to 6 weeks
Australia $11.00, 8-20 days
Intl. $6.50, 3-10 weeks depending on location