Touch Yourself

Touch Yourself

Whether or not you believe in "chi," your body generates and circulates measurable electromagnetic energy.

Some of the hottest "emerging" technology is based on touch to focus that energy on points or areas of the body for health and healing.

Master Fu once told me, "Don't ever do massage with clothes on. The hands must touch skin-- then your power goes into the patient. Strong Chinese doctors send their power down through the needle when they do acupuncture."

Entire systems of healing are based on touch, like Reiki, Quantum Touch, Touch for Health and Healing Touch. New chiropractic methods involve direct touch. I even had a treatment one time called Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), where a lady found a painful point on one part of my body, and then on another point of my body; pushed a finger into each point; had me breath in and out; and both pain points vanished. It was pretty cool.

I recommend touching yourself. Find the places that hurt and work your fingers into them for at least 20 minutes. Or, if you have problems with no pain-- such as cysts, tumors, internal problems, etc-- place your palms on the skin over those areas and concentrate on relieving the issue. This is one form of meditation.

If you are trying to lose weight, touch could be one of the best methods you try. Grab your belly fat and work it. Knead it with your fingers, roll it around aggressively, and own that shit ! Work all the places where you're not happy with the fat, and you might just surprise yourself at how it melts away.

Last, did you ever stop to think about why it feels so good to take your shoes off and stand barefoot on the ground, or in the grass, or in the sand? Probably not, but it feels great. In fact, when we build a house, we have to "ground" the electrical system by planting a metal rod deep in the earth and linking it to the house. When you stand barefoot on the ground, you are also grounding your body, stabilizing your internal energy and re-supplying it with all the electrons it needs.

I recommend simultaneously pulling down your pants, spreading your butt cheeks with your hands, and getting direct sunlight on your anus-- but this is a more advanced technique...


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