Think Fasting

Think Fasting

This is not a subliminal message. I write these words to plant the seed inside your head. Think fasting.

If you've never tried a fast, that is, never intentionally denied yourself food for 24 or 48 hours, you should try it. If you've fasted before, perhaps it's time again.

Fasting for a day is good for you. The so-called "godfather of fitness," Jack Lalane, learned much of his juicing and health techniques from a man named Paul Bragg. Bragg loved to teach people about the health benefits of water fasting. It will clean your system and help you start fresh.

I recommend you try it this way:

Tell yourself you're not going to eat for 24 hours. Convince yourself. Eat a normal breakfast and a healthy lunch; then eat a salad for dinner. Drink water with the salad, and for the rest of the evening. Go to bed.

When you wake up, drink water (definitely not coffee). Keep a full glass of water with you all day, and keep sipping it. I recommend distilled water first, and filtered water second. (Paul Bragg also recommended distilled).

If you get hungry, change up the water for tea or watered-down juice. Go for tea first; try not to drink juice unless you're really coming apart. Do not let yourself eat anything until dinner time. Then, eat another salad and drink more water. Drink water through that evening, and go to bed. Try to eat light and healthy the next day: mostly veggies if you can.

The "tail end" of this exercise is to observe and consider the rates, consistencies, colors and general abnormality of your bowel movements. A water fast with veggies consumed before and after should scrape and flush your gastrointestinal system. You should see all kinds of "weird shit" and you might feel like improving your diet for the future. (imagine scraping a film of Big Mac’s from your intestines, and you probably won’t want to replace it…)

Repeat as often as once each week, but definitely try to fast once every six to twelve months.


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