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Tai Chi DVDs for Seniors Review

Some people wonder why we offer Tai Chi DVDs for seniors when “DVDs are yesteryear technology” or “DVDs are obsolete.” Well, I’m here to tell you that  DVDs are the best delivery method, and they are far from obsolete.

We offer a very easy and gentle routine of Tai Chi breathing and movements that were developed by Chinese Grandmaster Victor Fu. Our program was designed for seniors. So ask yourself, “what is the best way to deliver an instructional video to seniors?” The answer is a Tai Chi DVD (and for some it might be a Tai Chi video download).

Sure, we offer our videos through online streaming, but over 90 percent of our customers (who are seniors, Baby Boomers and Tai Chi beginners) choose the DVD version. Tai Chi on DVD is the best, most simple and effective delivery for what we offer. Seniors can pop one of our DVDs into a player and benefit from the exercises where and when it is convenient for them.

There are lots of Tai Chi instructional DVDs selling in stores like Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and K-Mart; many more are for sale online at sites like eBay and Amazon (where our Sitting Tai Chi DVDs are a best seller), and a handful are available through “as seen on TV” infomercials.

Because our three main Tai Chi exercise DVDs are broken out by body ability (a Sitting Tai Chi DVD, a Standing Tai Chi DVD, and a Stepping Tai Chi DVD), and because our DVDs are all easy and gentle, we think our DVD lineup is the best. But Tai Chi beginners are buying an array of DVDs.

tai chi dvd comparison

There are many other fine instructors who offer Tai Chi on DVD as well. For some of the better ones out there, we have a higher appreciation for Tai Chi masters with strong lineage. Helen Liang, Chen Zhenglei, Ben Lo and Jesse Tsao are all excellent instructors who learned from great masters. Cheng Man Ching was a great master from the Yang Style lineage but he has been deceased for quite some time, so you can only buy a DVD from one of his students. Chris Pei, David Dorian-Ross and Paul Lam are very competent teachers too.

Tai Chi Chuh, Taoist Tai Chi and Wudang Tai Chi DVDs may be helpful to some people, but we would honestly put these on a lower level than the ones from the more reputable teachers mentioned above. Promoted previously by Regis Philbin and currently by Dick Van Dyke, the Tai Cheng program requires an able body just to get started. It contains no sitting Tai Chi at all, so it may be too difficult for seniors or the elderly. HunYuan Tai Chi comes primarily from Chen Style, which is more demanding and less gentle.

When we talk about gentle Tai Chi to relieve arthritis, help with weight loss, and improve balance, Mark Johnson pioneered all new territory with his Tai Chi for Seniors VHS tape. But since the advent of the DVD this video has fallen into obscurity. It was a tiny bit goofy anyway.

Gentle Yoga is not so gentle when it demands that you get down on the floor or stretch in a way that can hurt you. As we mentioned in an earlier post, fitness and strength are dirty words, so DVDs labeled “Stronger Seniors” or “Sit and Be Fit” are likely not going to be gentle either. Classical Stretching by Miranda is fairly demanding and nowhere near the gentleness we offer with our program.

So before you buy a Tai Chi DVD for seniors, be sure to watch an introductory video clip so that you know what you’re getting into. Watch our intro videos and compare them to anything else. We think our Tai Chi DVDs are the most gentle exercise videos on the market.


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